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Ruggero Apriletti, BMW Racing

I honestly think that the engineering crew made a good progression during the race season and we achieved a very good level especially the last couple of races. A lot of this achievement is clearly coming from the team coaching, facilitated by Andy from SYSTO!

W.T., Manager

Johan deed me stilstaan bij mijn dieperliggende drijfveren en de perceptie naar mijn medewerkers. Hij helpt je te sturen naar waar je toe wilt. Het resultaat is meer inzicht in mijn potentieel, zodat ik effectiever te werk ga.

G.B., Bestuurder

Kurt is a great visionary, out-of-the-box thinker with exceptional passion for and dedication to his job. Kurt constantly challenges the status quo, explores new business trends, raises awareness and prepares the company for the future. Besides that, Kurt is also a great mentor. His insights, passion and drive for positive, value adding change are of critical importance to any company that feels the need to better prepare for the future. Kurt makes you feel comfortable with change. And that’s a skill only very few people have!

Dominique Gaul, HR Director

Ellen is an engaged and experienced coach. Passion & dedication were absolutely the main focus during the coaching sessions. Ellen can inspire people on all levels and in all kind of different situations. Well done Ellen, appreciated a lot !

Dr Emma Hickey , BM MRCP MRCGP

In my professional life, I work as a doctor (general practitioner) and therefore have met and come into contact with counsellors over the years. Carmen stands out as exceptional in her approach to her work. Her background in law is invaluable, providing an element of professionalism, realism and organised quick thinking to her coaching that would be hard to find elsewhere. Carmen’s personality naturally lends itself to coaching; she is calm and pragmatic whilst her intellect allows her to execute solutions, offer ideas and motivate, often with a touch of humour!

Geert Vandepaar, Engie Solutions

Doordat ik in mijn job worstelde met telkens goed te willen doen voor iedereen (wat natuurlijk nooit lukt), heeft de coach mij ook laten inzien dat ik door af en toe eens iets te weigeren er zelf mentaal sterker van kan worden.